Where Have All The Fish Gone?

Fish Harbor – Where Have All The Fish Gone?

Nobody knows for sure. Mysterious things have been happening in our oceans. Not one sardine was caught within a 200 mile radius of the Port of Los Angeles during the summer of 2014, beyond the decline of the fishing industry, damage to the food chain is inestimable. For instance, Brown Pelicans rely on sardines as a principal food source, because of their disappearance the pelican population is not laying eggs this nesting season.

Theories abound, number one among them is over-fishing. Statistics show a sharp decline in the amount of fish caught worldwide starting the late 60′ to early 70’s, yet 50 years later sardines off the coast of Los Angeles disappeared last summer. A sharp decline seems to be related to reproduction issues in certain fish populations. This can be caused by sudden shifts in the environment. Or pollution, or disease. Nobody knows for certain why the fishing boats at Fish Harbor failed to catch a single sardine last summer. Its just a fact of life at Fish Harbor. A union trucking job could be a good bet. Hauling containers, no shortage of them, unless you get locked out the port in a contract dispute like the one currently happening in the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach.